Alatnica Lazarević Srpski


"Alatnica Lazarević" is engaged in production of all types of gears, sprockets, worms and worm gears, axes and other spare parts for all types of industries.

"Alatnica Lazarević" is the leader in production of spare parts of different dimensions, modules and characteristics for:

  • automotive industry (parts of axes and gearboxes for buses, trolley buses, trams, trucks);
  • mechanical industry (all types of spare parts for mechanical equipment);
  • coal mining industry (parts of reductors, belt and chain conveyors);
  • agriculture (parts for all type of agricultural plants and equipment);
  • . . . as well as all types of spare parts made of steel, bronze, brass, plastic, textolite for chemical, rubber and other industries.

MIt is possible to produce the elements according to a delivered sample and to technical documentation.

Mechanical stock of the company includes some 60 machines for complete mechanical processing.

The specialty of Alatnice Lazarević is preparation of spiral and hypoid gears according to the „GLEASON“ system as well as disc gears with bevel even and slanted teeth according to the „HEIDEN REICH & HARBECK“ system.

As of 1996 "Alatnica Lazarević" has introduced ISO 9000 and IQNET certificates.

Attestation of materials is delivered with the products, attestation of thermal processing as well as measuring list of our exit control.

The company has a long standing business and technical cooperation with its buyers.